D.C. Trucker Shutdown Full-Speed Ahead: ‘Demands Obama be removed from office’

from 21st Century Wire:

While the White House’s ruling Democrat party were holidaying in the Caribbean, and while the First Family were enjoying back-to-back vacations in Africa (at a cost of $100 million) and Martha’s Vineyard, and afterwards, as the President and his yes men were busy obsessing with starting a third world war in Syria – America’s economy, along with the federal government’s outrageous budget deficit – has been festering like Gangrene.

The situation has hit a fever pitch today, as the U.S. government has begun to shut down for the first time in 17 years after a Congress bitterly divided over the funding Obamacare. Critics believe that this staged shutdown is mere Punch-n-Judy, in order to conceal and sneak in other shocking legislation through the back door.

America is in deep trouble it seems, but not because of the electorate. The problem is fundamental: rather than working on behalf of working Americans, the ruling elite in Washington DC bury the reality of the federal government’s failures, as well as a list of scandals too long to list – under a pile fabricated PR statements and lies designed to avoid facing up to the facts.

Thousands of American truckers are taking the issue a notch higher – by organising a full-court press on Washington DC and demanding an end to the Obama’s White House’s trampling and dismantling of the US Constitution, and demanding his removal from office.

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