Are Bankers Being Killed Because They Know Too Much?

from KingWorldNews:

The question is: Are they being pushed to their deaths or do they delusionally think there is a swimming pool below? It’s very tragic, but it also ties into our earlier discussions about how the bullion banks have conspired to manipulate gold and silver, and also how banks are manipulating markets around the world. I’ll come back to the bankers dropping like flies in a minute, but, first, despite the manipulation, gold is looking even better today, and certainly 2014 is going to be much better than 2013. Because of the enormous record demand for physical gold by China, it does appear precarious for the cartel.

In order to maintain the suppression, the cartel needs to find the necessary physical gold to deliver to China, because as I said, Chinese demand is just enormous at the moment. This is getting more difficult for the cartel, so the clear strategy is for them to retreat.

Now returning to your question of what do I think about the suicidal bankers.  I’m naturally very suspect whether all of these guys, many of whom were at the peak of their careers, had no history of mental illness, and no history of depression that’s been disclosed in any of these cases, all suddenly decided to kill themselves.  This just doesn’t jibe.

It appears to be tied in with investigations that are going on with respect to the fixing of the gold price in London, and more importantly with manipulation and fixing of various FOREX spreads for the benefit and the profit of these same banks.

These are criminal banking institutions and they work together as a criminal banking syndicate.  So it’s reasonable to believe that they would behave just as a criminal syndicate in this situation would behave.  Meaning, they would order people who were a severe threat to exposing their abuse of these markets to be taken out or killed.  That’s what Tony Soprano would do.  Why would these criminal banksters operate any differently?”

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