Canadian, Mexican Border Agents Can Now Work Within US, Carry Firearms

Source: The Daily Bell

New border deal: Canada customs agents could work in U.S., vice versa … Canadian customs agents could soon work in the U.S. and carry firearms, and the U.S. border guards could do the same in Canada, as a result of a new border agreement between Canada and the U.S. – CBC

Dominant Social Theme: It makes a lot of sense for US and Canadian security personnel to work together – maybe under the same regime.

Free-Market Analysis: We last wrote about the nascent NAU in late January, in an article entitled, “Shock: CNN Editorial Calls for a North American Union.” Now, once more, these three large states seem to have taken another step toward unity. But before proceeding, let’s review the CNN article, which we quoted as follows:

Why we need a North American Passport … The future success of North America depends partly on how the U.S., Canada and Mexico work together … The future of the United States lies in North America. This is not a geographic truism, but a strategic imperative. Generations of Americans, distracted by far-flung crises, have long taken our own region for granted. This must change if the 21st century is to be an American century. 

We began our January analysis with the following comment:

Is the campaign for a North American Union officially underway with this editorial appearing in CNN? Certainly conspiracy theorists might be justified in thinking so.

For years, more than a decade, some have suspected that powerful bureaucracies in North America – especially in Washington – might seek to combine Mexico, the US and Canada into a single super-state.

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