Choice For Greeks: Rebel, Leave Or Starve

Source: The Sleuth Journal


Tsipras and likeminded SYRIZA officials proved they’re like all the rest – masquerading as populists, governing like corporate tools, ready to unleash police state harshness against public anger over betrayal at its discretion.

The price for new bailout funding (mostly earmarked to pay bankers, not aid its crippled economy) is loss of Greek sovereignty – surrendering it to Troika bandits, a death blow to democracy’s birthplace.

On Monday, modern Greece died. Troika coup d’etat rule replaced its elected government – serving monied interests exclusively at the expense of equity, justice and fundamental human rights.

Paying tribute to bankers alone matters – the same ones responsible for creating crisis conditions in the first place, for stealing multi-billions of dollars, euros and pounds with impunity, wrecking economies and public welfare for their bottom line interests, using money to make lots more of it, an insatiable lust to steal all they can complicit with corrupt government officials letting them.

Today we’re all Greeks. Their fate is ours – victims of neoliberal harshness punishing all Western societies, former Soviet republics and Warsaw Pact countries, as well as most others worldwide.

Reality for billions of people is mass unemployment or underemployment for poverty or sub-poverty wages, eroded or lost social benefits, homelessness, hunger, untreated illnesses, malnutrition and for millions starvation.

The World Food Programme says around 800 million people worldwide haven’t enough food to eat annually – one in nine ill-fed or without food.

Millions die annually from hunger and treatable diseases. Double the number of people die annually from hunger than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.

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