What the First Few Days of World War III Will Look Like

Source: The Common Sense Show

Turkey and Saudi Arabia are on the verge of igniting the fuse that will end with the beginning of the next world war.

How will the United States perform in a war against Russia? What will the first few days of this “last war to end all wars”, look like?

How it Begins

For three years, I have been asserting that World War III would begin in Syria. With Turkey and Saudi Arabia poking a stick in the eye of Russia, this possibility grows more likely by the moment.

Turkey, as a full-fledged member of NATO, is committed to a path which will culminate in war. Saudi Arabia has allowed themselves to be positioned where they, too, have reached the point of no return.

On the other hand, Russia has not been shy about attacking US military proxy assets inside of Syria. The provocations by Turkey is merely a response to Russian imperialism as one will see in the video listed below.

At some point, the U.S. will insert itself into the conflict, as the Russians will undoubtedly strike back against the Turks, inside of Turkey. My insider sources tell me that the initial insertion of the United States into a Syrian war against Russian forces, will commence with aerial combat that will result in the shooting down of Russian planes as they cross into the airspace of Turkey. From there, the air war will know no boundaries.

The U.S. will quickly gain the upper hand in the air war that is about to begin Syria.

According to a study secretly commissioned by the Pentagon and the CIA, and rehearsed at the Naval War College,  it has been determined that the United States would dominate an air war in Syria as well as in the region as a whole. The study was leaked and was published by Global Firepower, much to the chagrin of the Pentagon who was trying to promote a far different picture to Congress in order to procure more military funding. Amazingly, my sources believe the leak came from within the Obama administration who is constantly seeking to weaken the United State military. Given the fact that Obama, himself, has weakened the defenses of Alaska, all on his own, and seeks to roll back US military size to pre-World War II levels, speaks to Obama’s intent to make America vulnerable to attack from Russia. However, in the present moment, The United States holds the upper hand when it comes to air power and it is not even close.

The Global Firepower group published study shows that the United States has about 5,000 fixed wing and fighter aircraft to Russia’s less than 2200 planes. The United States has over 13,000 planes of all types to Russia’s just over 3,500. The air war would be over in less than a week. As predicted in Isiah 17, Damascus will lie in ruins.

The Ensuing War at Sea

In a desperate attempt to save face as well as preserve the Assad regime, the Russians, short of relying on nuclear ICBMs would have to resort to a war at sea in order to negate US air superiority in Syria.

Again, the Russians would prove no match for the United States in this area.

Source: What the First Few Days of World War III Will Look Like | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

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