A Lesson from Fasting for Preparedness

Source: Survival Blog, by Joseph P. Mosser

First off, let me tell you a little bit about myself and experiences. I am a thirty-four years old, six foot tall, and an active male who enjoys long distance trail running, running mountains, and competing in mud obstacle races and triathlons. I have been married fourteen years and have two pre-teen sons. I currently work out of town as a carpenter and commute three hours each day and work ten-hour days five and sometimes six days a week. During the warmer months, I train nearly every day, mostly running on stairs, hills, trails. During the winter, I am running mostly on weekends, as it is always dark and cold by the time I get home. Typically, I do a fast from Saturday night to Sunday night and multiple three-day fasts throughout the year, especially if I am doing a major nutrition change.

A disclaimer: PLEASE, if you do not have experience fasting, fasting for a long time, or fasting while doing laborious activities, please talk a doctor, nutritionist, physical trainer, et cetera prior to attempting anything like this experiment.

Every December I enjoy the company of family and friends and a smorg of food for a couple of weeks. It throws my regular, nutrient rich, whole food clean eating right out the window. So, every January I do a detox and a fast. This year (2016) I thought I would push myself farther and harder than I have in the past, just to give myself a more accurate perspective of what I could handle in a situation.

During earlier fasts, I did a three-day water fast and that was it. It kind of worked, but it didn’t help me get my eating back on track. In 2015, I tried a three-day detox prior to the three day water fast, and it made it a whole lot easier to do, to recover from and to get my normal nutrition back on track. So this year, I started with the three-day detox and then jumped into a five-day water fast. However, I decided not to do this fast on my time off and just sit back at home. I decided to push it. I started the three-day detox on the last Sunday before I headed back to work from the holidays. This meant Sunday through Tuesday I would do the detox, and Wednesday through Sunday I would be doing my water fast at work. I knew this would be a challenge, and it was, but I had to know if I could actually keep going on absolute zero calories with only an intake of water.

The three-day detox consisted of the same three meals for three days, which totaled only 550 calories per day. Breakfast was a grapefruit, strawberry, and ginger smoothie. Lunch was a beet slaw with arugula salad and avocado. Dinner was a bowl of soup, which consists of spinach, green beans, carrots, onions, and a bit of turmeric. During those three days, I would only consume water to drink, no coffee, tea, soda, et cetera. There was no limit on how much water I would drink; the more the better. The bowl of soup I had for dinner on the third day was the last meal for five more days of strictly only water.

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