Gold is No Protection Against Armageddon, But Could Save Your Financial Future

Source: Sprott Money, by Nathan McDonald

“The degree of which I am bullish gold – I would characterize as ‘very’. I would characterize gold not so much as a hedge against monetary disorder, but as an investment in it. People will say well that’s a hedge against Armageddon, no, Armageddon doesn’t happen mostly, but what we are in the midst of is monetary shenanigans, and I see no real chance of being fewer of them, and a great chance there will be more of them.”

Truer words have never been spoken. The above statement was made by the legendary mind Jim Grant in one of his most recent interviews . He is fully in the camp of the awake and the enlightened who can see the approaching financial disaster that is just over the horizon.

Unfortunately, for every one person that is waking up and preparing for the future that Jim envisions, there are hundreds more that are blissfully asleep at the wheel, content to ignore the facts until they careen off the edge of the cliff.

Although this is true, it should not depress you, for we in the precious metals community have come leaps and bounds from where we were only a few short years ago. Many remain asleep, yet many more are waking up everyday, unable to turn off the lights and ignore the monster in the closet that the FED has created through its abusive money printing.

As Jim so elegantly puts in this interview, Western Central bankers cannot get off the path they are traveling on, for they are all schooled in the same thinking. They are all Keynesian and the only thing that they know how to do is to print more and more money, no matter the long term cost to the health of the system they are charged with maintaining.

Even more unfortunate for those of us in the West is the fact that Eastern bankers think very differently. They know the role that gold and silver have played through our long history and they know what role it will once again take on in these dangerous times ahead.

For this reason, they are accumulating precious metals hand over fist, while the West is more than happy to hollow out its peoples savings, setting us up for an epic disaster down the road, unless you take your own destiny in your hands and prepare yourself.

Indeed, the world will go on, this will not be the end, yet it will indeed be the end of an era. The fiat money system will come crashing down on the manipulators heads and a new better system will be forced to take its place. Ideally, one backed by real honest money – one backed by gold and silver.

Source: Gold is No Protection Against Armageddon, But Could Save Your Financial Future – Nathan McDonald | Sprott Money

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