As The Economy Deteriorates,The Elite Push Their Globalist Agenda As Trump Makes His Move – Episode 1186

From X22 Report

The EU continues to road block the BREXIT plans, now parliament will need to vote. Trump has brought corporate owners together to bring jobs back as the economy falls apart. There is a huge amount of commercial retail in the market. Housing declines. Senate Democrats push a 1 Trillion infrastructure deal on Trump. Trumps Budget director says we are in trouble with this 20 Trillion in debt. Bankers are selling their stocks as quickly as possible to get out of the market. EU says all countries will now get Universal Basic Income. India is in a downward spiral and the cashless society is falling apart. Trump ends TPP and other countries say they are out. Trump stops all grants in EPA, want to see what they are spending money on. Trump says he lost the popular vote because of illegal immigrants voted. Trump tweets out a picture of the crowd at his inauguration. Chinese warships enter the Persian Gulf. China tells the US to be careful in the South China sea after Sean Spicer made his remark. Ukraine rejects talks with Trump wants sanctions with Russia untouched. Pentagon changes story why we bombed Libya. Trump administration wants to work with Russia. NDAA passed in 2014 actually forbade the Pentagon from working with Russia at all. Obama covers up the failed Trident missile launch. The elite are building bunkers for the Apocalypse.

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