The Hypocrisy Of This Weekend’s Protests: Stunning, But Not Surprising

Source: Free Market Shooter blog, by Duane 

This weekend, hundreds of thousands of protesters descended on Washington DC and many other other cities across our nation.  The aim of the protests was to demonstrate women’s rights, and use female disgust for Trump’s alleged lack of respect for women as a springboard to protesting Trump’s inauguration as the 45th President of the United States.

The farcical and hypocritical nature of the “women’s rights” protest was on display from the get-go, as they were focused on Trump alone, with no mention of another womanizer in attendance at Trump’s Inauguration, who just so happened to be a former President of the United States as well.  Notably, his womanizing was on full display, as he ogled Ivanka (or was it Melania?) Trump at the Inauguration:

Lest you all of a sudden forget the sexual depravity of Bill Clinton, the things he has done are at least as bad as what Trump has said, and at worst criminal acts in their own right.  Even worse, Hillary has condoned Bill’s behavior, and often slandered those who would dare speak out against it.  You should note, no such protests occurred 20 years ago, during Bill’s presidency and impeachment trial.  And, for the record, of all the things to impeach Bill Clinton for and attempt to remove him from office, his womanizing behavior is near the bottom of the list.  That is a problem for him and Hillary, not the rest of the country.

But did the protesters make any mention of Bill Clinton’s misconduct?  Of course not.  They were there for Trump, and made this protest about partisan politics instead of the “women’s rights” they were allegedly in support of.   But don’t worry, when it comes to personal behavior, its a one-way, partisan street from the protesters, and you get a pass if you’re from their party.

The protesters had no regard for law enforcement or criminal behavior, smashing windows and engaging with police on many occasions, far too many to list.  But the worst part was the fact that they were protesting the authorities themselves for saving someone having a heart attack, even when the “someone” turned out to one of their own protesters:

The protesters even made the ignorant comparison of women’s rights to gun rights, blissfully unaware of the truth that Gun Owners Across America so eloquently pointed out:

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