Are The Elite Trying To Push Trump Into A Heated Showdown With China? – Episode 1187

From X22 Report

Mall owners are in a rush to get out. Caterpillar posts 49 consecutive months of declining sales. China, Mexico and other countries do not like the new trade proposal. Mexico warns it might leave NAFTA if red line is crossed. Real interest rates cannot go back to normal, if so the people will immediately feel the pain. White House is looking to push an Audit on the Federal Reserve and make it more transparent. Take away from Davos, welfare and war.  Trump upholds the 2nd Amendment. The corporate media lied, Obama’s approval rating was worse than Nixon’s. Trump is going to launch a major investigation into voter fraud, the elite are sweating. Trump pushing to build the wall. The White House denies the leaked executive order about bringing back CIA black sites. NATO expands into Kuwait while troops arrive in Lithuania. Russia is now backing General Haftar in Libya, the Unity Government is finished. Corporate media still blaming Assad for chemical attacks. Germany on alert for a chemical attack on their water system by IS.

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