Warning: Deutsche Reports Global Economy Is About To Rollover – Episode 1188

From X22 Report

Initial and continuing claims continue to surge. New home sales collapsed.The Dow hit 20,000 and the debt is about to hit 20 Trillion all at the same time. The stock market fueled by debt. Trump’s expected Ambassador says the EU will collapse. Deutsche Bank reports the global economy is about to rollover and world trade will decline. Be prepared for the inflationary depression. Trump is pushing forward with his executive orders. EPA creates rogue twitter accounts to bypass the gag order. White House debunks the case they told the EPA to take down climate change page. Mexico says it will not pay for the wall. Net neutrality is under fire as Trump appoints Ajit Pai. Secret service agent says she will not take a bullet for Trump. Trump says he is for torture but will look to Mattis and Pompeo to decide. Tulsi Gabbard visits Syria and comes back with horror stories about the US and terrorists and says it needs to stop.Corporate media pushing the idea that Trump will create safe zones in Syria in his next executive order, no executive order has been seen. The doomsday clock has been moved to two and a half minutes to midnight, the elite are pushing their agenda to trap Trump in a war and collapse the economy.

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