Get Ready, The Storm Is Approaching And It’s Almost Upon Us – Episode 1189

From X22 Report

France warns Greece is running out time for the bailouts, more austerity is needed. Since Obama took office the wealthy got rich and the poor got poorer. Durable goods hard data is completely opposite of the soft data, durable goods implodes. Corporate media manipulates headlines to convince everyone that Obama did a great job, but he is the only President who didn’t hit 3% GDP in any of the years he was President. Deflation probability drops to 0%, get ready for inflation. China is placing capital controls on currency outflows, which means the housing market is going to pop. Japan prepares for a trade war. The EU is limiting areas where you can use cash, here comes the cashless society. The market is not benefiting the majority of the people and now personal finance is declining while the market is surging. Janet Yellen’s hot economy was a myth. Trump orders DHS to create list of those illegals who committed crimes. Trump is stopping federal funding to sanctuary cities. Student found 350000 fake twitter accounts used for all different purposes. Robert Kennedy Jr. investigates CDC and it is a “cesspool of corruption” New executive order that Trump will allegdly sign has a provision for safe-zones in Syria, this will create a problem with Russia. Gorbachev says the world is moving closer to war.

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