Illegal Vote is Massive, New Study Shows, 1460 – YouTube

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A new study by political scientist Dr. Jesse Richman of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia says that Hillary Clinton got more than 800,000 votes from non-citizens.

The new estimate is short of Donald Trump’s claim that up to 5 million illegals voted, however, the study may be based on the same fake polling procedures that left once-respected pollsters humiliated with the election of Donald Trump.

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  1. The danger of those votes to in states like mine, Minnesota, is apparent. Although many like myself have pushed for VOTER ID with a current driver’s license or state photo ID, they have been blocked by the DFL MN. It often only takes a few thousand to turn a race. People are shamed into compliance because requiring a picture ID somehow is an act of “racism”. Example? US Senator Franken allegedly won his seat when 1300 odd ballots were “found” in the trunk of an election officials car. His race gave assurance that the ACA would pass the Senare. How many districts or races could even 800,000 change?


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