Obama Comes Out Of The Shadows And Challenges Trump – Episode 1191 

From X22 Report

Obama Comes Out Of The Shadows And Challenges Trump US & UK move forward with trade deals.  Americans are spending more money than they earn for 9 months straight . Starbucks is going to hire 10,000 refugees over 5 years. US Auto Industry is in crisis, the bubble is about to pop. Citigroup is getting out of the mortgage business. The latest economic indicators show that the economy is heading into a depression. ECB assets rise above 36% as the ECB continually purchases corporate debt. Corporate media exaggerating the travel ban on certain countries. Trump debunks all the false reporting and says its an extension of Obamas ban. Clinton and Obama campaigned on secure borders and stopping illegals. Trump accuses McCain and Graham of starting WWIII. Obama comes out of the shadows and challenges Trump, tells the country to rise up and fight.  Russia performs large drill in the arctic. Russia will agree to safe-zones if only used for refugees and if Assad agrees. Syrian forces captured missiles which were intended for al-nusra.

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