Iran Is Getting Ready To Dump The Dollar & Reason Is Unbelievable – Episode 1192

From X22 Report

The next few weeks we will see if the central bankers care about the people in Greece or not.Million retail jobs in the UK are on the chopping block. German retail sales declined this past holiday season. Consumer confidence drops.Dow companies are reporting the worst earning since 2010. Case-Shiller reports that housing prices are at their highest level, but the report is from Nov 2016. Condo sales in Miami is imploding right in front of our eyes. Chicago PMI crashes to recession levels. EU is doomed and Iran is dumping the dollar because of Trump? Democrats are blocking Trump nominees. Trump fires Yates for not following the executive order. Trump getting ready to pull out of the Paris global warming agreement.Google and other tech companies filed an amicus suit against the temporary immigration ban. Hungary is going after Soros. Syria rebels (terrorists) are claiming that Trump sent them weapons. Lebanon says Assad will stay and the refugees will return home to Syria.Video surfaced showing Assad is fine, the fake story he was ill is debunked. Something was buried in the NDAA 2017, which will allow the US to look into a nuclear strike with China and Russia and to see if their governments would survive.

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