Utah Getting Ready To Dump The Fed Dollar & Make Gold & Silver Legal Tender – Episode 1195

From X22 Report

Utah Getting Ready To Dump The Fed Dollar & Make Gold & Silver Legal TenderJob numbers are out and they are just as manipulated as before, not much has changed. Unemployment rises to 4.8%.”Not In The Labor Force” Plunge By A Record 736,000.  Employment stalls. Deutsche Bank is getting to layoff thousands of workers. Factory orders are at the same levels as 2006 which puts the trend in recession levels. Trump signs executive order rolling back Dodd-Frank legislation. Is Trump working for the banks?  Utah pushes bill that will allow gold and silver to become legal tender bypassing the Fed Dollar. New poll out saying people want Trump impeached, the only problem is has been manipulated. Allegedly 100,000 visas were revoked from 7 countries in 1 week, when looking at the numbers is doesn’t add up. Corporate media continually pushed fake news. UN Official the real agenda behind global warming, its not what you think. Destroyer enters the Black Sea. McCain and Graham tell the Ukrainian soldiers it is the year of the offensive.al-Qaeda was tipped off before the Navy Seals go their location. Tensions are now building across the world, the elite are pushing conflicts across the globe to push the world into war.

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