How Much Silver Does The Super Bowl Trophy Really Have? | SUPER BOWL LI SPECIAL – YouTube

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When people think Super Bowl, they rarely think precious metals. But, the most watched U.S. sports event of the year might actually have more silver than you think. The New England Patriots & the Atlanta Falcons will go head to head on Sunday for Super Bowl LI to win the coveted Vince Lombardi trophy, designed and made by Tiffany & Co. According to senior director for the jewelry company, Vicky Reynolds, the trophy is made of sterling silver. “It sits 22 inches high, weighs about 7 pounds and is completely handcrafted,” she told Kitco News ahead of the big sporting event. At current prices, the trophy amounts to about $1,650 worth of sterling silver. Another fun fact? The football that sits at the top of the trophy is actually NFL regulation size.

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