Everything Is Almost In Place, The Economic Crisis Is About To Begin – Episode 1198

From X22 Report

Greece is getting to default on the debt, countries are setting up parallel system to protect themselves. German industrial production plunges most since 2009. The pace of hiring has slowed, those allegedly quitting has slowed. We are the downward slide into a depression. Atlanta Fed is already cutting GDP. Tax receipts on a federal and state level are continue to decline which shows the jobs numbers are fake. Trump is preparing the economy for a reset, the elite want to bring it down to blame it on him, the battle is on. Google decides to change the definition of fascism. Rep. Maxine Waters wants to impeach Trump, but she continually repeats Putin is invading Korea. Pelosi refers to Trump as Bush. California Senate leader admits his family is here illegally and has fake paperwork. Europe agrees with Trump about immigration. Austria wants to send troops to help other countries that are dealing with immigration. Twitter going after trolls, but who do they consider trolls. Ukraine war was pre-planned and the US sees no Russian buildup. Corporate media and elite pushing the idea that Assad  trtured people in a secret prison, proof is testimony from people, but who are these people.

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