A New Report Projects The West Will Become The New ‘Third World’ – Episode 1201

From X22 Report

Greece lashes out at the IMF. Midwest farm bubble is getting ready to pop, American farms are in decline. Student loan bubble is worse than ever and its getting ready to pop. World’s largest container carrier has huge losses. Fitch has now created a narrative that if the economy should collapse it will be because of Trump. Recession warning, Treasury receipts turn negative. PWC has issued a new report which states that the western countries will become the new ‘third world’.  This is in preparation for the collapse of the economy and how the monetary system will be moving from West To East. Record number of Americans have renounce their citizenship under Obama. 9th Circuit Court rejected Trump’s ban and disregarded the key fact, the law. Media Matters conspiring with Google and Facebook to shutdown alternative media.DHS reports the wall Trump wants to build will be 22 billion dollars. US fires a missile from LA towards China. Russia working with Haftar, the UN Backed government days are numbered. Elite trying to push Trump into a war with China, Iran and Russia. Power outage in Syria, reason unknown.

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