Liberal Ninth Circuit Court Is Overturned in Recent Years 80% of Time

From the Gateway Pundit, by Jim Hoft

Judge Richard R. Clifton, Judge William Canby and Judge Michelle T. Friedland from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

The Ninth Circuit Court ruled against President Trump and continued to block his travel ban on Thursday.

The Ninth Circuit is the most liberal court in the country — and is the most reversed court in the country.

The 9th Circuit Court has been overturned 80% of the time.

National Review reported:

Although recent years have seen other circuits competing with the Ninth Circuit for the title of “Most Reversed,” the Ninth still appears to hold the unquestioned title. The Ninth Circuit’s best showing in recent years was October Term 2009, with a 60 percent reversal rate in the 15 cases on which certiorari was granted. The Sixth Circuit got the prize for highest reversal rate that year, with seven cases resulting in seven reversals, while the Seven Circuit came in a close second (91 percent reversal rate in eleven cases).

But in 2010, perhaps seeking to reclaim its position at the top of the heap, the Ninth Circuit was reversed a startling 19 times (79 percent), three times as many reversals as most circuits had cases before the Supreme Court. The same pattern continued in the 2011 (71 percent) and 2012 terms (86 percent), when the Ninth Circuit was reversed more than twice as many times as most circuits had cases before the Court.

Attorney and author Mike Cernovich weighed in on the ruling:


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