3 Ways Americans Are Being Deliberately Divided 

Source: The Organic Prepper blog, by Daisy Luther 

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Let’s talk about the blatant efforts to cause an irreparable rift between the people of our country.

I often compare current events to parenting, and this week is no different. Everything purported to be news is just more bickering.

It’s like when your kids are behaving like brats, and no matter what one kid does, the other kid jumps on it and blows it completely out of proportion like it’s the worst thing in the history of the world. Every outrage is multiplied a thousandfold. Kid 2 drops Kid 1’s pencil when passing it over and suddenly, Kid 2 is accused of a Machiavellian scheme to impale Kid 1 through the heart with a stake that was only disguised as a pencil.

The difference is, the path America is on leads someplace far worse than each side being sent to their rooms to consider their actions and figure out how to get along. We’re headed down a path of division that has become so extreme that it’s hard to see a way back.

America is like a pot of water with the lid on. Unless some of the pressure is released or the heat is turned down, hostility is going to boil over the top and make a huge mess all over the stove.

But here’s the truly scary part. This has to be deliberate. While people still had vehement political disagreements previous to this year, they were not this extreme.

Today, I want to talk about three ways we’re being divided. And not only are we being divided, but the crisis is being egged on by the biased media on both sides. It’s being multiplied by celebrities in Hollywood who are completely out of touch with everyday people. It’s being perpetuated by the politicians who seem to have forgotten they are supposed to be in positions of leadership, not the bullies on the playground who are intent on taking control of the best slide. And never forget the education system, which now seems to be nothing more than an organize effort to stir up discontent.


The division between black people and white people hasn’t been so tense since the days of Martin Luther King. Hollywood, the education system, and the media have been egging on the fight for a while now.

For example, last summer, CNN was busted clipping a statement from a black woman whose brother had been killed by the police. They made it seem as though she was asking for peace, but what she was actually saying was that black people should not burn down their own neighborhoods, but should head out to the white suburbs to protest. You can find the edited clip and the full clip here.

In schools and universities across the country, there has been an unsettling focus on making white kids feel shame simply for being white. There is a full-out war on white students. If you turned this around and shamed the black kids, the outcry would be deafening. So why is this okay? In fact, what it’s doing is setting up the next generation for even more animosity than we are seeing today. It’s setting up white kids to feel like they must defend themselves and that they’re being oppressed, and it’s setting up black kids to believe they deserve more just because they were born black. Instead of teaching that one race is better or more privileged than the other, why isn’t the education system teaching kids to be kind to each other and to appreciate other kids on merits that have nothing to do with race?

Then you have the entertainment industry, which is busy putting out shows with condescending titles like, “Dear White People.” Does anyone actually think that a program with a condescending title like that is going to help with anything? I wouldn’t watch that drivel for a million dollars, any more than I would watch a program that talked about how terrible black people were. It’s inherently racist in its generalization about the “racial transgressions both in academia and wider society.” Thousands of people who canceled their Netflix accounts in protest are being called “racists”…umm… because they are bothered by racism. In response, the white writer for the show, Jack Moore, tweeted:

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