Germany Receives Gold Bars From The Fed But, The Bars Have Different Labels – Episode 1203

From X22 Report

Consumer spending will dip in February because the delay in refunds from the IRS. Baltic Dry Index has now fallen back to 688 pts. Bloomberg comes out with article that fake news drives markets. China, Japan, Russia and many other countries are dumping Treasuries. The corporate media is blaming it on Trump. Germany received its full allotment of gold but they notice they labels were different on certain bars. Fed says they are lost at the moment. IMF says Trumps economic policies will help but there is a danger that the global economy might deteriorate. Illegal immigrant caught trying to purchase a grenade launcher. Mauro kicks out CNN for fake news. The elite are now teaching the young in schools to on how to spot fake news. Apple wants to throttle fake news. Obama is building an army of agitators in DC. Libyan people are creating their own National Guard and the Unity government is worried and says its illegal. US war enter the middle east. The Pentagon has been reporting airstrikes since 2011 and now we find out they they are incorrect which means that other data must be incorrect. The corporate media is pushing the chlorine gas propaganda when Syria as taking back Aleppo.

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