Janet Yellen Just Revealed Something Huge But No One Is Listening – Episode 1205

From X22 Report

Mortgage delinquencies are on the rise. Corporate media reporting that retail are incredible in January, gas prices increased and inflation moved higher. Consumer prices surge at the fastest pace in 5 years. Industrial production declines and is at 10 month lows. GDP has been recalculated and is now down to 2.2%. The US is not in the top 10 for economic freedom. The markets are whispering something very important about inflation. Janet Yellen comes out and admits the economy is weak and don’t blame the Fed. Nancy Pelosi was fooled by a Flynn’s fake twitter account. NY Times pushing the Russian angle on Trump. Did Michael Flynn leave a hidden message in his letter of resignation. The leakers of Flynn’s call should be arrested it is a breach of security. Trump is right the media did ignore the terror arrests when he produced the 72 terrorist that were arrested. North Korea says it has the right to test their defensive nuclear weapons. Trump never mentioned anything about Crimea when he was on the phone with Putin.  Russia will not discuss Crimea, they voted themselves away from Ukraine. Russian spy ship off the coast about 30-70 miles in international waters. The IS is receiving tanks now. The Pentagon wants to bring in ground troops into Syria, this is a push to get Trump to get troops into Syria to get the war started.

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