Be Prepared, Spring Is Coming & Plans Are In The Works For The Next Event – Episode 1211 

From X22 Report

Philadelphia passed a soda tax and sales have plummeted and the companies will be laying off employees. Restaurant traffic and sales have declined as people shy away from eating out. Existing home sales magically rebound as mortgage applications are declining. Corporate media will use the immigration ban as the catalyst to the housing crash. Trump says the budget is out of control. Corporate media saying Trump will use alternative facts to counter the economic decline. Sweden is in the midst of a migrant problem and media in Sweden is not reporting on it. 80% of the people oppose sanctuary cities, 52% approve on immigration reforms.  Preibus is trying to save face, says Russia and Trump have no connection.  McCain turns out to be a leaker of information. US law makers are probing Soros. The Deep State pushes their agenda with NK, because Trump wants to talk peace.  Kiev will not withdraw their artillery from the contact line. Safe-zones are back and Russia wants the US to coordinate with Syria. The deep state is pushing war in Syria with Russia by pushing the President to send troops. The event is planned for the spring. There is growing evidence that Obama, Soros, the elite are prepared to try to remove Trump.

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