Get prepared for a major systemic crisis! – Clif High & Lior Gantz Roundtable Interview – YouTube


Today we have a special interview with 2 guests Clif High & Lior Gantz. We are going to discuss about the future of precious metals and what will happen during 2017 and what are the odds of a systemic crisis coming in the future years. And of course, we are going to discuss how to prepare your portfolio to be ready for what’s coming in the future.

02:00 Clif Thoughts on Precious Metals for the Near future and Overall 2017
07:45 Preparing Portfolio for what is Coming on with Precious Metals on 2017
15:30 Possibilities of a Systemic Crisis Coming in the Next Years
23:35 Physically Preparing for a Major Systemic Crisis
27:00 Wikileaks, Hilary & the Media Situation

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