Is There A Pattern When Recessions & Depressions Occur? – Episode 1213 

From X22 Report

Tsipras says no more austerity after this bailout deal.  Consumer confidence declines since the elections. hhgregg to file bankruptcy. New home sales disappoint.  Investors and secret shell companies are using real estate as money laundering system. NY condo market imploding on itself. Demand for fuel declines even further signaling a recession. The US stock market is overvalued and is headed for a crash. Soros just made a 500 million dollar bet that the economy crashes. Corporate media tries again with a poll to show people love Obamacare, but they over-sample it once again. The leaks out of the White House are increasing and the FBI is completely clueless, or they are apart of the problem. Arizone wants seize the assets of protestors. George Soros linked to town hall meetings. Petition filed with the White House about censorship. Malaysia says the found the poison used. Russia wants western countries to pay for the damage in Syria. Saudi shift the narrative and says Assad created ISIS.

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