Last Time We Saw Credit Seize Up We Were In A Recession, It’s Happening Now – Episode 1216

From X22 Report

Greeks continue to take their currency out of the banks. Target stores sales are declining. A new gas tax is going to hit 20 states. GM is now pushing incentives like they did prior to 2008. Auto delinquencies are rising quickly.The retail apocalypse has begun and many retailers are going to get hit. Case Shiller reports housing prices are now leveling off in the 20 cities. Credit markets are starting to look like 2008, they are now stagnating and will be freezing up. Marc Faber says the markets are going to crash. Google reinstates Natural News. New report showing that CIA creates the stories for the corporate media.EU parliament stripped Marine Le Pen immunity. CIA might have been responsible for  Vitaly Churkins death. SK protesters do not want the THAAD system in their country. SK says NK is ready to use their chemical weapons.  US Special Forces have arrived in the Kurd area. The Kurds have now received new weapons from the US. Putin says its inappropriate to push sanctions on Syria. Will the establishment push the US into a nuclear confrontation?

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