USA To Join The Commonwealth- Good About Bloody Time!

by Katherine Frisk:

Front Cover The Economist November 19th Front Cover The Economist November 19th. Russia, United Kingdom, USA and France, Lady Liberty Coming up from behind.

I can just hear Americans screaming about this one! It’s the British! 1776! The British are coming! Well, take a deep breath, and look into the background. Here are my thoughts. 

If I had to interpret this it is basically the Protestants and English-speaking culture versus the Germanic and Spanish Catholics. Hitler, Franco and Mussolini. The Allies versus the Nazis. . ..

What has really got under my skin in the last 6 years is the very anti-British spin throughout US alternative media and pro Hitler anti Jew pro Catholics narrative, supported by Latino Catholic invasion from South America into North America. And no, I am NOT going to be “politically correct here.”

What is ignored in the anti Trump team are the real reasons for the wall along…

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