Stock Market Surge Is An Illusion, The Economic Crisis Date Was Planned 2 Years Ago – Episode 1217

From X22 Report

Euro breakup odds are increasing because none of the problems have been resolved since 2008. German inflation moves up to 2.2%. NY Teamsters pension runs out of money. Real consumer spending declines. Stores are closing at such a rapid rate that there is alot of commerical real estate vacant. US construction tumbles. Manufacturing tumbles. The US audit of gold is incomplete. Obama and Boehner put the debt ceiling off until March 2017 when Obama would not longer be in office. China and Russia warn US about putting THAAD in South Korea. Mosul coverage is completely misleading. US sets up a base in Manbij. US moving paid mercenaries around to create safe zones. USS Bataan leaves for the middle east. The deep state has now moved up the timeline of the next event.

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