The Ohama Titanic Syndrome Signal Indicates A Major Economic Crisis Is On The Horizon – Episode 1222

From X22 Report

Shocking video shows tent cities in California. The US just recorded the biggest trade deficit in 5 years, this is not a good sign. Atlanta Fed cuts GDP growth once again. OECD issues a gloomy economic outlook for the private western central bank countries. There are major catalysts headed our way that might kick off the economic collapse. The Ohama Titanic Syndrome Signal indicates with other indicators that the economy is about to come down. Trump unveiled his new health care law, doesn’t look good. Wikileaks releases Vault 7 and shows the CIA has developed cyber attack systems that mimic other countries. It also shows the CIA spy on everyone via their electronic devices. NYTimes reported that there were wire taps that were monitoring Trump. Trump now has proof. Valeria Jarrett might have orchestrated the entire operation and not the DOJ.  CNN show how they are using a spy camera to spy on the President. You might think you are free but the government is really controlling you. NK and Malaysia expel their ambassadors. The THAAD system is being installed in SK. Deep State pushing propaganda that NK was practicing hitting US bases in Japan. NK says the US and Japanese drills could lead to a heated escalation. Libya elected government has taken control of the oil ports. The Deep State is now pushing Phase IV, conflict with NK, civil unrest, economic collapse.

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