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From Steve Pieczenik Talks, by Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, MD, PhD

The scoop from a Real Scientist on Vaccines.  Pay attention people! This is precious knowledge.

The problem with vaccines is they add an “adjuvant” to stimulate the general response, this is plus the specific killed virus or attenuated virus that actually directs the system. The general response is non specific. A lot of the material they are listing is for the non specific response. The aluminum is not for either but for patent purposes which I know Merck adds. I had a discussion with them over the cross reaction of the rabies vaccine with optic nerves.

The vaccines themselves will cross react with other molecules than just the viral surfaces because they look similar..it is called molecular mimicry…you can google that..there is a lot of that.  Therefor the vaccines are not that specific.

The DNA they talk and complain about is the DNA vaccines which actually worked quite well for our dog Koko for her melanoma.  She lived the longest in the trials.  Unfortunately, they have not been able to make a human equivalent.

All the stuff they list is the material that is added to keep any cells alive…it is called “gardening” and is a bit of voo doo as each cell has different nutritional needs…most use some “blood serum” in the media…it is very hard to get any cells growing and not mutating …in addition one needs antibiotics to keep bacteria from growing in the media.

What is amazing is that with the right 4 proteins one can take differentiated cells ie skin into dividing stem cells.

Most cell lines come from tumors or embryos which seem to be able to replicate.

The cells then are used to infect with the virus to grow (human and animal need human or animal cells to grow)

There are no molecular techniques to make vaccines without animal cells.

So I would say their hysteria over what is in the soup necessary to grow virus for vaccine is a lot of bs.

However, the alumina in the media is known as as I mentioned very clinical dishonest.

Vaccines in the US are generally not made here as a consequence of liability.

Hope this answers your question…

I can think of much better and cleaner ways of making vaccines but no one has asked.

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