Why the Federal Reserve Needs to be Abolished in 2017 – Danielle DiMartino Booth – YouTube


Former Federal Reserve employee turned critic and author is on today to breakdown what’s wrong with the US Monetary system from an insider’s perspective. She spent 9 years at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas advising Richard Fisher. Today she discusses why she wrote her book, what she think of the current FED and even bitcoin and if she knows anything about precious metals price rigging.

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  1. It should be known that the Fed. Res. Bank Fed is actually NOT wholy owned by the US government and I found from another blog that US citizens paid those bankers 12 billions for the year 2016 alone !

    How can US citizens tolerate this is beyond my comprehension. It is very easy to see that a country like USA can print its own fiat money at its own will and the bansters dare to charge fees for that!

    I have summarized the reasonnings in my following very short blogs for everyone to read:

    Federal Reserve Bank charges unnecessary fees to Americans

    Your fiat money (Part 2),

    Your fiat money,


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