House Democrat Warns Nuclear War With Russia “Real Possibility” 

Source: Zero Hedge

Having failed to find any evidence that Russia interefered with the election, it seems Democrats are resorting to the 1980s playbook as Rep. Seth Moulton – a member of the House Armeed Service Committee – tells CNN that a nuclear war with Russia is a real possibility the U.S. should prepare for.

As The Hill reports, Moulton said Friday on CNN’s “New Day”.

For a long time, Russia and the United States had this sort of mutual agreement, mutually assured destruction,

“If they shot their weapons at us, we’d shoot our weapons at them, and therefore a nuclear war was unlikely to happen. But what Russia now says is that they will quote, ‘escalate to deescalate’.”

If that didn’t have you searching for fallout shelters already, Moulton goes to explain that US military forces are unprepared… though offers no facts to back that up.

“They are willing to use nuclear weapons to deescalate a conventional attack. I think that the problem here is that we don’t really have a plan to deal with that.”

Moulton said he can imagine scenarios where the Trump administration must respond to Russian use of nuclear weapons.

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