Diversify! – U.S. Is the Worst Place do Business – Bobby Casey of Global Wealth Protection

From Crush the Street, by Kenneth Ameduri

Today we have a fascinating new guest who many will find quite helpful in that he details some great steps to protecting your wealth which is the service he provides. In this interview we go over why the US is the worst place to do business and hold all your assets in, the corruption of the federal reserve, and even how to store your physical precious metals.

To get more from Bobby: Global Wealth Protection

01:20 US Debt $20 Trillion: What’s Next for Economy?
03:45 Free Money for Banks via Bonds: Corruption systemic
06:30 Federal Reserve: What bubble to blow Next?
09:20 All Money is Debt, the System Makes no Sense
10:40 War Industry big part of today’s Economy
13:00 There is no Profit Motive in Government
15:40 Preserving your Wealth Under Trump Presidency
17:50 U.S. Is Worst Place in the World to do Business
21:00 Diversifying your Business & Assets Internationally
22:45 Example of IRS Cracking down hard on Business
26:20 Advantages to having Offshore accounts
31:00 Storing Physical Precious Metals Wisely
38:30 Bobby’s clients include many Libertarians

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