Russia Is Ready To Split Away From The International Banking System (SWIFT) – Episode 1237

From X22 Report

The hard data and soft data are now going their separate ways, core durable goods declines. US Services PMI and Manufacturing PMI have declined. The core economic data like, retail, GDP, housing, unemployment are all declining rapidly and countries realize the dollar is collapsing. Russia has completed there own payment system so if the US central bankers decide to cutoff Russia from the SWIFT system they can operate independently. Nunes calls Rogers and Comey to the White House, Nunes concerned about information in the intel report. The deep state is now in the process of shutting down the alt-media sites very slowly. Health care bill was pulled because of not enough votes. America is #1 again for having the highest health care costs. LePenn meets Putin and she says if she is elected she will lift sanctions. North Korea right letter to the UN discussing the provocations by the US. Syrian safe zones or what is not being called stability zones are being discussed.

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