The Push To Expose The Secret Inner Workings Of The Fed Is Underway – Episode 1240

From X22 Report

Consumer confidence soars to highest since the dot com bubble and we know what happened a short time later. Case-Shiller reports that home prices have soared in its 20 cities, while mortgage apps are declining. Property taxes hit an all time high. NYC retail vacancies have soared and there are no takers. Exports and Imports decline, more signs of a weakening economy. The central banks have used all their ammunition to keep the economy together, it is now slipping through their fingers. Wall Street might not be prepared for a government shutdown. The house passes a bill to audit the fed, next phase, all the entire house floor to vote on the bill. Jeff Session’s is now going after sanctuary cities. The deep state and their pawns are trying to get Nunes to step down. Trey Gowdy says no way, Nunes says no way. The deep state is worried about the next truth bomb and how the American people will react to it. Trump calls for an investigation into Clinton and their dealings with Russia. Trump signs EO rolling back Obama’s EPA orders. Turkey warns that millions of refugees will be flooding into Europe. US prepares to send troops to Yemen. The deep state is now preparing to balkanize the middle east. The London attacker had no connection to the IS. Strange package at the White House causes a lock down of the facility.

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