Banks Are Secretly Reporting Cash Transactions To The Police – Episode 1242

From X22 Report

UK demand for gold is surging. The auto bubble has been inflated and their many signs that show its ready to pop.Q4 2016 revised to 2.1 to show Obama had a strong economy during his presidency. CBO just published a warning that the economy is approaching a fiscal catastrophe. Foreign investors are dumping Japanese bonds a record pace.Banks are secretly reporting each individual to the police when they withdraw cash. Hawaii’s Judge is blocking Trump’s travel ban indefinitely. Katie Walsh is leaving the White House.  Farkas who revealed Obama was surveilling Trump wasn’t working for Obama at the time, so how did she come across this info. NYT allegedly release the names of Nunes intelligence source. Putin goes off on reporter who talks about human rights. US refuses to participate in talks about Afghanistan. Turkey says they have completed Euphrates shield. Tillerson says that Assad can go, but the deep state is planning something completely different that’s why they don’t care if Assad stays for goes.

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