Deep State Trouble,Evidence Surfaces Which Could Bring Down The House Of Cards – Episode 1245

From X22 Report

Auto sales decline more than originally thought even with incentives.46% of millennials are saying they can no longer live in San Fran, its to expensive. Obama economic recovery is worse than the WW2 economy.  The economy is ruined for many Americans, those who make less than 30,000 a year worry about feeding their families. Insiders are selling their stocks and retail investors are buying, this is the herd mentality and the market bubble is getting ready to pop. Schiff is trying to distract the US by continually pushing the agenda of Russian collusion when in fact the real story is the spying and the unmasking. Today source unveiled Susan Rice as one of the individuals that had the power to unmask names. Sean Spicer says the investigation is running into trouble. The FBI is going to create a special unit to look into the Russian hacking the elections but not the unmasking of individuals on the Trump team which is against the law. Syria and the US are separating Syria and each want it for a different reason. UK is on full alert for cyber attack on their nuclear facility.

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