BREAKING: ‘US most unpredictable state in the world’ – Russian Foreign Ministry

Source: The Duran, by Adam Garrie

Russian-US relations continue to sink after Donald Trump’s illegal attack on Syria.

Foreign Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has said that yesterday’s missile strike demonstrates that the US is the ‘..most unpredictable state in the world’ and that the illegal missile attack on Syria had nothing to do with finding out the truth behind the recent chemical weapons attack near Idlib.

In an interview with Rossiya-1 Zakharova said,

“I think it has been confirmed one more time that the policies and everything that currently happens in the US prove a disappointing fact: it is the most unpredictable state. And if there is something predictable in the US, it is the unpredictability of its foreign policy.”

Zakharova alluded to the fact that America’s internal ‘deep state wars’ have now been internationalised:

“I would call it the game of American thrones. It is a war of internal political clans, military-financial, political and financial structures that cannot accept the results of the election”.

Of the many reasons Russia is angered by the Trump branded war crime, one of them is because it has destabilised a situation in Syria that Russia had worked tirelessly to normalise. Zakharova lambasted the ..”unstable, constantly changing turbulent (nature of) American foreign policy”.

She continued,

“They (the United States) have just demanded to conduct an investigation regarding the equipment, the aircraft, used in ( the Khan Sheyhun) strikes. And then they carry out a strike on the equipment, they would like to examine, to analyse. This has absolutely nothing to do with attempts to find out what happened with the chemical weapons, or to make any real steps in the direction of the investigation”.

This echoes the words of acting Russian envoy to the UN Vladimir Safronkov, who yesterday said that the missiles were being launched before some people had even left the UN building where debates over investigating the incident had recently taken place. The US launched and almost certainly planned the attack before any reasonable attacks to even begin an investigation had been made.

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