WATCH: ‘Brave’ Cop Protects Society By Smashing Tiny Woman’s Face in the Ground

Source: The Free Thought Project, by Jack Burns

Ft. Collins, CO — Bystanders at Barstool Sports Bar near Colorado State University were treated to a front-row seat at what could easily be described as a World Wrestling Federation (WWF) takedown of a fragile woman by what could be characterized as a bully cop. But, of course, police see the altercation differently. You decide.

When the video (taken by a bar-goer) begins, a woman can be seen arguing with a Ft. Collins police officer. But when one looks closely, the officer can be seen positioning his hands on the woman in such a way as to be able to effect a near perfect body slam. And flawless it was. The seemingly fragile woman who was dressed in a party dress and high heels was, as some have said, brutally smashed on the ground.

Those who were recording the video seemed to love the wild ride the woman took at the hands of police. But other, more level-headed ones, possibly ones not so inebriated by their beer, immediately cried foul. In the comments section of the Instagram video, viewers determined the aggressive actions on the part of the officer were simply unnecessary and potentially criminal.

One viewer wrote, “I never comment on shit like this. That cop belongs in a cage. That ruined my Sunday morning. Fuck that guy and for the record, I love the police and believe 99.99% of them are better people. This guy is an animal pig. Get that video to the authorities stat!!! If I was that girls Dad I’d go above the law and make him chicken on his own teeth.”

Source: WATCH: ‘Brave’ Cop Protects Society By Smashing Tiny Woman’s Face in the Ground

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