Mattis! Bombs for Brains!

From Steve Pieczenik Talks, by Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, MD, PhD

Mattis! Bombs for Brains!Bombs for Brains!
Why We Always Lose All Wars.

On April 12, 2017, DOD dropped a 21,600 pound GBU-43/B on ISIS tunnels in Nanghar province, Afghanistan. The bomb is officially titled: “Massive Ordinance Air Blast [MOAB]” It is informally known as the “Mother of All Bombs” and was used in the fifteen year war in Afghanistan.

Once again, I maintain that neither our generals/admirals/civilians in the air force, navy or army including Sec Def James Mattis have any idea of how to defeat anything other than cockroaches lurking underground in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. Our leaders of all the branches have shown a consistent lack of intelligence, effectiveness, and a major paucity of intellectual gravitas.

This is particularly true of our “Mad Dog” or self-described ‘Monk Warrior’, ex-Marine General James Mattis. Had Mattis or McMaster really studied aerial bombardment during WWII over Germany, they would have learned a simple but powerful lesson. Aerial bombardment including massive bombs and saturation bombing does not work! In fact, it was discovered by General Curtis LeMay and Robert MacNamara that this type of bombing increased enemy resistance in Germany.

This MOAB bomb has a wide blast radius of about 1000 feet, it was used in Vietnam and the Iraq War to clear mine fields as well as instill fear into our enemies. When it was developed, this useless explosive vehicle was touted as the “most powerful non-nuclear weapon ever designed”. [All above and below information –Wikipedia].

This “mother of all bombs” is supposed to have a major psychological effect: intimidating the enemy and eventually convincing him/her to retire from the scene of battle and surrender.

Absolute nonsense!
This useless bomb has cost us American taxpayers billions of dollars. It was created by Albert L. Weimorts at the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant [Oklahoma] in 2003 in support of the failed ‘shock and awe’ strategy of the Iraq War.
There is no amount of firepower or new bombs that will make any of the CIA/MI created Taliban, Al Qaeda, and ISIS groups recoil from anything other than that they have been funded and nurtured by ourselves, the Saudis, Jordan and our best ally in the Middle East—Israel.

We must end this farce of battling our own creations which we are witnessing over again. Seems like none of our civilian or military leaders have the courage or the brains to call for a halt to the nonsensical ‘war on terror’ initiated by Bush Jr/Cheney on 9/11.

If one carefully checks the records of both ‘highly decorated faux generals, Mattis and McMaster, one can see that they too were very much a part of the military collusion with the neocon USG in 9/11. Both men were very eager to go into Iraq and fight this useless, poorly thought out war. Despite a chest of nonsensical ribbons for deeds that neither brought peace or security, both these generals are doing what they do best—FUBAR!

There is a reason I refused to accept the 07 promotion when I was a DAS at State Dept. It meant nothing to me! Unlike the military sycophants who need to have a regimented life so they do not suffer a ‘midlife crisis’ a la Mattis comments, I, like most other real American entrepreneurs, decided to go out and make my misfortunes and fortunes on my own.

It is not an accident that our ex-four star Marine Corps General James Mattis who retired in 2012 has received over $1Million Dollars from the $30B USD playground: General Dynamics [DOD contracts]. Here is how Mattis, sterling risk taker and sagacious leader, made his multimillion dollar net worth over the past five years [International Business Times/12/02/16]:

  • Mattis received $594,369 in cash.
  • Mattis garnered over $900,000 in General Dynamics stock .

DOD provides, thanks to Mattis and other non-risk taking “retired” generals, over $250 billion of spending to private military contractors.

Mattis was one of the more independent thinkers who graduated from the National War College [where I taught occasionally]. He stated the following in front of congress [2015]:

“No foe in the field can wreak such havoc on our security that mindless sequestration is achieving”.
Yet that is not the most pitiful pandering ex- General Mattis has committed. Here is one for any you start-up mavens:

“Mattis also mixed business interests with his military career. Emails disclosed by the Washington Post Friday show that in 2012, the year Mattis left the military, he personally intervened to help the highly controversial blood testing company Theranos secure approval for military field tests.”

Mattis went even further in this conflict of interest and joined the board of this highly corrupt company. Theranos eventually went bankrupt for creating products that never existed. [IBT, 12/02, 16].

Mattis, no fool be he, divested his thrice increased General Dynamic stock and due to loophole created for our military, postpone capital gains taxes while selling the stocks to comply with conflict of interests laws.

Unfortunately, unlike his heroes, Generals Eisenhower and George Marshal, Mattis will never win a war. Sadly, he has tarnished his own reputation and that of our military for a few lousy shekels.
I too made a serious mistake by wishfully  thinking that Trump, McMaster and Mattis would keep their promises to the American public —not to go to useless overseas wars. I am sorry to say I am very wrong!

POTUS Ronald Reagan once said the following which is still true today:

“We’re in greater danger today than we were the day after Pearl Harbor. Our military is absolutely incapable of defending this country.” 

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  1. A few days before we dropped MOAB in Afghanistan, Russia dropped their “bunker buster” on ISIS tunnels, killing many and reporting it. Are we Oceana, Russia Eurasia, and China Eastasia? Is this as 1984, do we all have common enemies made up to keep us at war, prepared for martial law so that we can be totally controlled in a globalist New World tyrannical feudalism society?


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