The Refugee Crisis – Who Is To Blame?

by Katherine Frisk:

With the recent Brexit vote and the French election next week, the refugee crisis raging across Europe needs to be fully examined. In all things and in solving all problems, we have two choices. To deal with the symptoms or to deal with the cause. Without dealing with the cause as a first priority, a cure, a solution can never be found.

The flooding of refugees from North Africa and the Middle East into western countries; the trauma, poverty and suffering; the camps which leave a lot to be desired; human trafficking and sex slavery which have resulted as byproducts; narcotics trafficking and organ trafficking; an increase in terrorist bombings as well as an increase in crime, sexual harassment and rape in Europe… the cause of this humanitarian disaster has not been addressed.  Only the symptoms of social and political upheaval for people on both sides of…

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  1. Who is to blame?
    Does it matter? Masses are invading lands they don’t suit.
    Alien cultures and religious ideaology arrive and conflict ensues.

    There is a reason for the various races.
    Evolution enabled them to live within their own natural environments.
    Or to put it simply, hot house plants don’t do well in snow and ice.

    As for Religion?
    That came millions of years after evolution to corrupt their minds.
    Problem is religion made their culture as well.

    Thus they arrive in ‘hope’, get disallusioned, and some get angry as they demand more, and when their desires aren’t met, they react with hostility.

    Are they wanted, or even needed?
    In the main no, especially the untrained.
    Except by big business who just see them as cheap compliant labour.

    Who welcomes them?
    The same type of fools who want no guns.

    Who bears the costs?
    Everyone, they present an additional burden to already stretched resources and costly as their culture encourages crime that destroys lives.
    As for their host? They rapidly see their culture, traditions, and religion, swamped.

    Is there a plus side?
    Not really. Cheap labour breeds a high cost in unemployment support within the established workforce, stressed resources means reduced performance for the indigenous populations.

    Who’s to blame?
    Not the migrants. They are just looking for an easier life.
    It’s those who are letting these migrants into their host countries who are at blame.

    And that can be firmly laid at the feet of the politicians.


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