The Central Bank Signals That It’s On Track To Bring The Entire System Down – Episode 1270

From X22 Report

Puerto Rico declares bankruptcy, the restructuring is larger than Detroit. EU blackmails any country that wants to leave the EU, now they want 100 billion euros. ADP employment declines. US auto sales decline as there are more delinquencies among the American people. The debt debacle is not even being talked about. Insiders are selling stocks at a record pace, do they know something we don’t. The Fed explains why the economy is still doing well, the recent numbers are just transitional, the push for the collapse is on and most likely they will raise rates in June. Republicans trying to push their form of healthcare, which will not benefit the people. The hearing with Comey is another dog and pony show. The French election is coming up and the central bankers are making the push to put Macron in office. EU wants countries to get rid their check points. US fires a missile to send a message to NK. Army General says the US is ready to go into NK. The Syrian rebels back out of the peace talks. Trump does something that has not been done before, he is sending a rep to the Syrian peace talks. Putin discusses Syria and NK with Trump and says the situation in NK needs to be calmed down. Deep state might pushing for another chemical incident in Syria.

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