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This is the greatest discovery in the history of paleontology, Indisputably. Dinosaur soft tissue and dinosaur DNA. The atheistic science world wants you to know nothing about , they wish it weren’t true, they don’t want it to be true, when they hear it they put it out of their mind. Their problem is, it’s proven and factual. Also, we are finding carbon-14 in these samples proving their true age to be well under 57,000 years. You will hear from the scoffers … it’s a hoax, it’s contaminated, fraud … bla bla bla. Please check out the evidence for your self. Another little piece of data that has been swept under the rug is that the Neanderthal DNA has been sequenced. Its closer to man then a chimp is to a chimp within the same species of chimps. Neanderthals’ are 100% human. DNA doesn’t lie!

Many clips in this video are from Trey Smiths “Jurassic” movie. Thank you Trey for the great work you are doing.

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