The Fed Confirms, Next Economic Crisis Massive Stimulus Planned – Episode 1272

From X22 Report

Home Capital used up 1 billion of its 2 billion life line. Within a week the other billion will be gone. Manipulated unemployment numbers show the unemployment rate at 4.4% Auto and student loans hit an all time high of 2.6 trillion dollars. The NY fed and the Atlanta fed released their GDP estimates and they are completely opposite of reality. Italian banks are completely dependent on the ECB. China’s credit is breaking down and this will most likely start the downfall of the economy. The Fed confirms that they push the stimulus to the extreme when the economic crisis begins. Senate says they will create their own health care bill. The new health care bill is not a benefit to the people. Comey is going after Wikileaks, saying they don’t have 1st Amendment rights. Wikileaks releases Archimedes. Leaker of Macron docs shows he does have an offshore account. ISIS plan to wreak havoc on France during the elections.  Libya has a secret US base in the country. Syria is setting up a de-escalation zone and US planes and coalition planes will not be able to operate. Assad says the deep state is planning a major push into Syria from Jordan.

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