The Last Act Of A Central Bank, Pillage The People & Leave Them Destitute, We Are Here – Episode 1278

From X22 Report

Home Capital depositors have withdrawn approximately 94% of the funds. Umich is seeing an uptick in confidence even though stores are closing, the housing market is declining and the GDP came in at .7%. Retail sales are in and it is a disaster. The stock market bubble is starting to look like 1999. Trump has made a deal with China, both countries will be trading meat. US Treasury Mnuchin is looking to revoke the Volcker rule and allow banks to invest in riskier investment which will allow the deposits at the bank to be at risk. Fed Evans says the Fed will raise interest rates once more. IMF is now pushing to place a 10% tax on the people of Europe to pay for the debt.  Trump continues to create chaos, playing with the media and keeping them busy on non-sense. Trump warns Comey don’t leak anything your conversation might have been recorded. Wikileaks wants the recordings of Comey offering $100,000. The Clinton team planned the Russian collusion story right after she lost the election. Condoleezza Rice admits that going into Iraq was not about democracy it was about regime change. Former NSA director Hayden wants to cut off Russia gas supply to Europe. China invites South Korea and NK to the discussion of the silk road trade deal. South Korea wants to pause sanctions on NK. Safe zone are now being used in Syria to keep the civilians safe, these are not no fly zones. A major cyber attack hit many countries and this attack is holding computers ransom and demanding money.

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