Dark Web “Kill Order Contract” On President Donald Trump and his Saudi, Jerusalem, Vatican, Brussels tour.

Katherine Frisk :

President Donald Trump

Everyone is watching this situation carefully and considering a number of options.

We know that there are people around the world who would like to see Trump dead.

This headline is not out of the bounds of reality. Whether you support Trump or not, consider the following:

 Dark Web “Kill Order Contract” On President Donald Trump Issued For $150 Million

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Trump is about to go on a major tour to Saudi Arabia, Jerusalem, Rome and Brussels at the end of May. In 2017 we have:

a. Goldman Sachs Zionist bankers, advisors to the Vatican, controlling the White House.

b. The US military industrial complex (Raytheon, Halliburton, Lockheed Martin etc) that has caused havoc all over the Middle East since 1991. Many in the military and privately contracted mercenary armies are  Jesuits and Knights of Malta with allegiance to…

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