The American People Are Being Distracted, If They Only Knew – Episode 1284

From X22 Report

IMF & Eurozone are threatening to walk away from Greece because they want Greece to implement more austerity. UBS hints of massive auto lending fraud, which mimics the housing market fraud back in 2008. Fed’s Bullard says they just triggered the collapse of the economy and now they might lower rates. George Soros is shorting the market and is hoping to use a financial apocalypse to bring down Trump. What this says is that he already knows the market is coming down and the central bankers are crashing the system. The deep state will continue to drip fake news about the investigation to brainwash the public to have Trump either resign or have him impeached. Rosenstein reports that this is not a criminal investigation and the Senate should stop their investigations.  Trump is opening an investigation in data sharing during cyber attacks. USS Ronald Reagan is allegedly sailing towards NK. Mattis says there needs to be a diplomatic solution. NK reaches out for a talks with the US.  Russia and Syria tell the US it was illegal it fire upon the Syrian troops. The deep state is continually keeping the American public busy with nonsense while Trump is making deals to remove the old globalist system, collapse the system and build a new system by having trade with other countries.

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