5 Major Revelations Lapdog Media is Covering Up with Fake Russian Hysteria

Source: The Free Thought Project.com

Only a select few over the entire course of human history can legitimately say they’ve witnessed the implosion of an empire, but Americans now have a front row seat to the tabloidesque spectacle currently slashing heads and taking names, as it rips through Washington with the full force of a deadly — if highly propagandized — tornado.

And this storm leaves no one — corporate press, politician, nor the U.S. President, himself — unscathed.

What began as proof of election-rigging by the Democratic National Committee and key players, including failed candidate and ex-Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has morphed into an as-yet unsolved murder, allegations of sedition by the White House, and an altogether murky soup of unconfirmed accusations and hurt feelings — a true mashup of events, legitimately putting House of Cards to shame.

A tragic dearth in actual facts betrays mainstream media’s disingenuous headlines plastering unfounded tales of Russian collusion, as if on automatic pilot to peg every crime of the 21st century on shady operatives of The Enemy State.

Worse, the life of promising DNC staffer, Seth Rich, appears to have mattered as little to power-hungry pols as figures compiled in the military’s estimations of ‘collateral damage’ — excess, ostensively accidental killings of civilians — were this operation taking place anywhere but these once-United States.

Worse still, the only collusion thus far evident from anything other than unnamed, anonymous sources crucifies those once-illustrious media institutions as willing and active participants in both the cover-up of a murder, and slavish devotion to the nefarious U.S. Intelligence Community.

It’s a wonder any independent journalists — let alone, the people inhabiting this planet — can keep track.

In all its macabre splendor, this is the weaponization of news The Free Thought Project — and Wikileaks founder and editor, Julian Assange, himself — warned of, months ago.

And on that note, several laughably audacious assertions and their profoundly telling roots must be dissected for a better understanding of what has, in actuality, become a farce deserving of a cinematic cable series — or, perhaps, reality TV.

Buckle up: this will be a decidedly bumpy ride — veritably guaranteed to nauseate upon descent into this rabbit warren, over which any soap opera producer would drool. Were it only fictional drama.

Welcome to the Spin Cycle.

First, the wholly ruthless and altogether inexplicable demise of Seth Rich must be examined, in its own right — but must be done so against the backdrop of the Internet rumor mill, superimposed on revelations from albeit unconfirmed information, revealed just one day ago.

Deemed a robbery gone awry by D.C. police, Rich met an early fate in a hail of gunfire last July, during the wee hours after leaving a bar and just feet from his Bloomingdale District home. Speaking to his girlfriend at the time, Rich blew off that strangers were approaching him on the sidewalk, due to the proximity of his residence — and ended what would become his last communication with anyone.

Police arrived in three minutes to the bloody scene, and though the young DNC staffer remained conscious, he later passed away after transport to a local hospital. No witnesses have surfaced. Rich’s cell phone, keys, wallet, watch, and $2,000 necklace were apparently disregarded by the feckless robbers.

None of the evidence amassed proves, well, anything — yet, D.C. police baselessly asserted the unfortunate murder a result of a botched robbery.

Source: 5 Major Revelations Lapdog Media is Covering Up with Fake Russian Hysteria

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