It’s All Happening Behind The Scenes, But Will It Work – Episode 1288

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Small business is declining and it has been since that last 10-20 years. New home sales crashed and now existing home sales are crashing. The ECB is warning about home prices in the other countries. We are now seeing warnings from the central banks. Treasury chief to congress we do not have enough money to make it until Aug, raise the debt ceiling. Fed reports that the interest rates will be raised because the 1st quarter was transitory and the economy will improve later this year, right! The Fed warns the stock market is most likely overvalued. The economy is breaking down and the central banks know that it is about to crash, this is why we are seeing these silent warnings. Court papers show that Obama was spying on Trump and others and its worse than originally thought. Seth Rich’s cousin tweeted that he was murdered and then the tweet was deleted. Duterte says he is going after the IS and wants Russia’s help. South Korea fired on a balloon. Rand Paul is pushing a bill that would review arm sales to Saudi Arabia. Weapons have gone missing in Iraq. Trump plan is happening behind the scenes, the question is will it work in time or will the deep state push their agenda so they keep control.

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